Guimbal Cabri G2

The Cabri is a French helicopter developed specially for training purposes. Its lay-out is ultra modern and its safety standards are outstandingly high.

Just like the EC-120, it is equipped with a Vehicle Engine Monitoring Display (VEMD), it has 3 rotor blades, a shrouded tail rotor system, and it can fly up to 100 knots. The manufacturer has built this helicopter for optimum reliability to train pilots.

Manufacturer Guimbal – FRANCE
EngineLycoming 0-360-5.5l, 4 cylinders, petrol/gasoline
Power172 HP
Rotor3 blades, speriflex, rotating clockwise
Seats incl. pilot2
Maximum take-off weight700 kg
Cruise speed185 km/h
Maximum range550 km
Maximum operating ceiling19,000 ft or 5,791 m
Dimensions not incl. rotorblades6.31 m