Q: Where can I find the price of each course or training programme of yours?

A: As the hourly rate in a helicoper is directly dependent on the oil price and as this last one is fluctuating a lot, we choose to give you the latest up-to-date price on your personal request. Just drop us an e-mail or call us on the phone and we will come back to you immediately with a detailed price schedule for every courses you are interested in.

Q: I am someone having an occupation that keeps me busy all week long, is it possible to train for a PPL(H) on week-ends only?

A: HeliCentre Flight Academy is open seven days a week, you are welcome to fly with us on Saturdays and Sundays.

Q: I have passed my PPL and I am keen for the next step in my flying career but I am not sure whether I should with start the ATPL or the CPL level of theoretical knowledge course?

A: The answer depends on your aspirations and whether you are aiming to fly large helicopters requiring multi-crew operations or not. These helicopters are widely used in the offshore oil and gas industry for example. You need the ATPL theory level in order to be considered to act as co-pilot in such machines. If you are still uncertain whether you are going to limit yourself to single-pilot operations or not, we would recommand you to give yourself the most options possible for your future and to pass your ATPL knowledge exams.

Q: Having passed my PPL I would like to carry on flying while I am studying for my ATPL/CPL theoretical exams, is it possible?

A: Yes, you can combine your study time for the ATPL/CPL knowledge with your hour building. That being said do not underestimate the workload of preparing successfully your ATPL/CPL theoretical exams and consider placing the right amount of energy and motivation into that task. Flying a reasonably long navigation flight once a week to keep your motivation high seems a good compromise for us.

Q: I have passed my ATP (or my CPL) theory exams and I am planning to undergo the commercial flight training, can I do it part-time or should I block time in my agenda to do that training all at once?

A: We strongly advice our commercial student to consider to undergo this course full-time as it is an exigeant one regarding flight standards needed for the final skill test in flight.

Q: Is there a possibility to switch from one type of helicopter to another during the progression of my training or once I picked a type I then have to do all my future training on this one?

A: It is totally possible to pass your PPL on one type (the Cabri G2 for example), then to do other type ratings during your hour building towards the minimum experience hours required to start your CPL (the R22, the R44 and/or the EC-120 for example), then do your CPL training course on one of those types (the R44 for example) and finally to do your Flight Instructor course on another type again (the R22 for example)